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    July 21st, 2010 Posted in Features

    I have chosen the issue of childhood obesity. In this game, the player takes control of an ordinary kid, who has to navigate thru the several lvls. In each lvl, his mother who is obese  will continuously try and feed him fatty foods. these foods will spawn as moving enemies with mean faces, who try and attack the user. each food monster that attacks the user will force their way inside the users mouth, making the user bigger. As the user gets bigger, it becomes harder to aviod the enemies. However, if the user jumps on the enemies head, the enemy will drop a healthy food instead, and once that user eats the healthy food, he will become smaller, if he is already his normal size, and he eats 3 healthy foods, he will obtain some new abilities that allow him to defeat the several bosses in the game, The bosses will be based on fast food resturants, and each boss will spawn enemies from their respective menu’s. each food spawned will be more dangerous than the last. At the end of the game, the user will have to face his mother. Who will spawn “Soul Food” Monsters, who can kill the player in 2 shots. When the player dies, the message “You have died of a Heart Attack” will appear on the screen in red. This purpose of this game is to try and get kids to eat healthier foods, and to try and avoid fast food, and other unhealthy meals.

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    June 12th, 2010 Posted in Features

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    June 11th, 2010 Posted in Features

    Hey Baby, a first person shooter game that invites players to shoot men engaging in street harassment has created a bit of controversy.  Watch the trailer above or play the game

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    April 19th, 2010 Posted in Features

    Check out our video submitted to the HASTAC/MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition. The IAM Dept at Columbia College and its program - Open Youth Networks - are one of the fifty finalists.

    The 3G Summit kicks off this year long project. Supported by the McCormick Foundation, the 3G Summit: The Future of Girls, Gaming and Gender takes place from August 12-15th at Columbia College. Fifty girls from 5 schools and youth media organizations will team up with some of the most influential and important women working in games today in order to prototype gender inclusive games of the future.

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    August 4th, 2009 Posted in Features, News and Happenings


    This summer, Open Youth Networks Marisol Becerra has been serving as an intern at the White House. In her recent Facebook status update, Marisol writes:

    Signing a bIrthday card and singing Happy Birthday for the President is one of the most memorable moments I’ve had this summer. VP Biden spending 2 hours with us despite his tight schedule: PRICELESS!

    Marisol and White House Interns

    Enjoy some of her photos from bowling in the White House bowling lanes to her first meeting with the Obamas at the July 4th picnic.

    Marisol bowling in WhitehouseMarisol_whitehouse

    Marisol Meets Obamas

    We are so proud of you Marisol!

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    July 30th, 2009 Posted in Features

    Our own Marisol Becerra was recogized alongside Sonia Sotomayor and Hilda Solis as a Champion of Change by Hispanic Magazine recently for her work on OurMap of Environmental Justice, she created in collaboration with Open Youth Networks and Little Village Environmental Justice Organization.

    hispanic mag

    Map Together blog is also impressed. Check out their homage to Marisol’s map here.

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    July 12th, 2009 Posted in Features, News and Happenings

    Martin Macias, Jr.Zane Has Furi on His Face

    Xavi Macias, Zane Scheuerlein and Mindy Faber of Open Youth Networks are off this week to present two workshops at the Allied Media Conference.

    Using Google Maps to Visualize the Network of Youth Organizations at the AMC

    will help youth build a national Google map of youth media activists.

    The Culture of Video Remix: Tools and Approaches for the Media Educator

    participants will learn the various tools, apps and methods for creating video remixes that critically examine mass media messages. Using bit torrent, audio hijack, and video download, conversion and compression tools - they will grab several video files off the web and learn about fair use provisions of copyright law as they apply to the work of educators and student remixers.

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    June 23rd, 2009 Posted in News and Happenings

    Open Youth Networks, an innovative program with a national reputation for providing high quality participatory media and digital education for under-resourced youth, is joining the department of Interactive Arts and Media at Columbia College. Open Youth Networks, designed to help bridge the digital participation gap, educates girls and urban youth to use emerging technologies, games and social media to make a better world for themselves and their communities.

    IAM Building

    Through IAM at Columbia College, Open Youth Networks will be able to:

    • Match students in web-development and digital service learning projects with youth and community groups;
    • Offer Saturday workshops for teachers/high school youth in pre-programming skills, new technologies and social media;
    • Conduct summits, symposia or conferences on topics such as girls in technology and serious games;
    • Partner with CPS schools to consult on curriculum alignment and college preparation for computer programming; and,
    • Serve as an incubator for innovations in games, apps and social utility tools used for non-profit, community and social justice use.

    Annette Barbier, Chair of the Department of Interactive Arts and Media is thrilled to have Open Youth Networks join Columbia College.

    “This partnership will provide real and meaningful opportunities for our students and faculty to connect with urban youth, communities and non-profit groups interested in using new user-driven technologies, games and participatory media for social good.”

    The Interactive Arts and Media Department prepares students to create interactive art, media, and games that are innovative and compelling.  Students emerge with strong foundations in aesthetics, theory, technology, cultural understanding, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. The combination of media theory and technology, enlivened by practice, prepares students for diverse and successful careers in interactive arts, multimedia, web design, interaction and interface design, and game design.

    OYN Founder, Mindy Faber will continue to oversee the program. 2010 project initiatives include: The 3G Summit: The Future of Girls, Gaming and Gender to take place in August 2010 and The Green Games Institute, to be conducted in collaboration with the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency in Planning’s Future Leaders in Planning group.

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    April 27th, 2009 Posted in Features

    Marisol Becerra and Mindy Faber of Open Youth Networks presented OurMap of Environmental Justice along with a video about the impact of industrial pollution on residents of Little Village at the Columbia College School of Journalism’s Conference on Environmental Reporting on April 25th. Marisol explained how news outlets often position the environmental movement as one driven by young educated whites. Stories about personal responsibility to limit one’s carbon footprint trump investigative analyses about the irresponsibility of capitalist industry in creating the crisis in climate change and generating massive health effects on those working in and around those industries.

    Marisol Becerra & Mindy Faber present OurMap of Environmental Justice

    Photo by Mark Hallett

    Moreover, the story about the environmental justice movement in the US — one led primarily by low income communities of color battling environmental racism, a policy of “selective victimization” — is often omitted or distorted by major news outlets. Little Village is a low income Mexican-American community that has been designated as an “ecological sacrifice zone” by both the industry and the state. Yet, the overwhelming majority of Chicago residents are completely unaware of the health and environmental crisis in the neighborhood.  Faber and Becerra explained that this is why it is important that residents and youth living in those communities have access to the tools of communication and technology that allow them to become citizen journalists reporting on their own experiences.

    Radius of coal power plant

    Youth members Marisol Becerra and Zane Scheuerlein worked with Mindy Faber to produce The Cloud Factory: Putting Justice on the Map. They also trained youth members of Little Village Environmental Justice Organization how to collaboratively author a multimedia Google MyMap documenting the toxics and assets of the neighborhood through stories, videos and photos. The map also reveals how many schools are located within a one and two mile radius of the Crawford Coal Power Plant. The asthma rate in Little Village is twice as high as the national average and 40 people in the community die each year from asthma attacks while thousands more must visit emergency rooms and clinics.

    Loraxes are our allies

    Open Youth Networks along with youth partners at LVEJO and their youth membership, Young Activists Organizing as Today’s Leaders are working to expand the map and add content and data about other neighborhoods in Chicago, particularly around the South Side. Visit their blog El Cilantro to learn more. Dozens of allies - other environmental justice organizations in the US -  are also included on the current map, denoted by the icon of a Lorax. If you would like to join the map as a collaborator, send an email to Mindy Faber (mfaber@colum.edu).

    View OurMap of Environmental Justice in a larger map

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    March 26th, 2009 Posted in Features

    Mindy Faber & Gordon Quinn

    Martin Macias, Jr.

    OYN Director, Mindy Faber and Youth Leader, Xavi Macias, Jr. participated on three panels at “Remix/ Mashup 2009: The Future of Creative Production and Ownership” held March 12-13th in Columbus, Ohio. Presented by the Moritz College of Law and the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University, the symposium explored the implications of mashup and remix in the world of Web 2.0.

    Recent technological developments have created a wave of user-generated content in which pre-existing sounds and images are appropriated, reshaped, and shared with unprecedented ease. This series of panel discussions and interviews with artists, filmmakers, technology experts, and legal scholars  considered intellectual property questions that emerge when attempting to navigate and shape this thorny landscape.

    DJ Spooky Presents Grey Album Video

    DJ Spooky, Wexner Center Present Danger Mouse Mashup of Jay Z’s Grey Album with The Beatles

    Along with Xavi Macias and Mindy Faber of OYN, speakers included (abbreviated): mash-up artist Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky), social media expert JD Lasica, video remix artist Jonathan McIntosh, singer-songwriter Terra Naomi, documentary filmmaker Gordon Quinn, and Ben Relles, creator of “Obama Girl.”

    Legal experts included: Professor Pamela Samuelson (Boalt Hall), Professor Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown Law Center), Professor Peter Shane (Moritz College of Law), Professor Ed Lee (Moritz College of Law), Gillian Lusins (NBC Universal), Dan Cooper (Fox Interactive), and Darrell Miller (Mason Miller LLP).

    Teachers Collaborate with Students

    Mindy and Xavi also led a three hour hands on inter-generational workshop for high school students and teachers in Remix tools at the Wexner Center. Participants learned tools such as Download Helper, Vixy, Tube Tv, Audio Hijack, Mpeg Streamclip, Kaltura, United Streaming and Remix America. Using an exquisite corpse production process, the teens and teachers created this remix.

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